Do I Have a Mold Problem?

Like radon, mold spores are present outside and in every home. Mold will grow where there is moisture, such as around leaks in roofs, windows, pipes, or where there has been flooding. Mold grows on paper, cardboard, ceiling tiles, and wood. Mold can also grow in dust, paints, wallpaper, insulation, drywall, carpet, fabric, and upholstery.How do Molds Affect People?

Exposure to damp and moldy environments may cause a variety of health effects, or none at all, depending on if you are sensitive to molds. For these people, exposure to molds can lead to symptoms such as stuffy nose, wheezing, and red or itchy eyes, or skin. Some people, such as those with allergies to molds or with asthma, may have more intense reactions. There are also toxic forms of mold, such as Stachybotrys, known as black mold.

How Do Molds Get Into a Home?

Mold can enter your home through open doorways, windows, vents, and HVAC systems. Mold in the air outside can also attach itself to clothing, shoes, and pets and then be carried indoors. When mold spores drop on places where there is excessive moisture, such as where leakage may have occurred or where there has been flooding, they will grow. Many building materials provide suitable nutrients that encourage mold to grow.

How Do I Know If I Have a Mold Problem?

Large mold infestations can usually be seen or smelled, but other mold cases need to be tested by sampling the indoor air with collected samples sent to an accredited laboratory for detailed test results. If the suspected mold (organic or fungal growth) is visible, we swab that area and send it to the lab for analysis.

Why Should I Hire Wake Mold to Test My Home?

Wake Mold uses the industry leading Breeze ET Environmental Tester for all air quality samples. Its self-calibrating air pump draws in 150 liters of air directly onto the cassette’s collection plate and tests up to an 800 square foot area in 10 minutes. We work in partnership with InspectorLab Testing Laboratories for analysis of our air and swab samples. InspectorLab is a full service environmental analytical laboratory, specializing in mold analysis. The laboratory is headed by Dr. John Shane, PhD mycologist and nationally recognized indoor air quality expert. Wake Home Services has been certified by Dr. Shane to collect air & surface samples for their evaluation.